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the brackets and planks in the opposite order, starting at the top and working down (Photo 6). Figure A: Roof bracket nailing, bracket nails must go into roof framing

supports below the sheathing. Tips, many harnesses will have the word "danger" on the metal strap piece. . Wear shoes with a soft rubber sole for extra traction. Adjust the harness buckles for a snug fit. Doesn't include donning instructions, brand, trango, model pending. For crag or multi-pitch climbing, four equipment loops are necessary. If you feel the nail miss the rafter (it will penetrate easily pull it out and put a dab of caulk or plastic roofing cement on the hole to seal. Be safeuse roof brackets, a safety harness and commonsense rules. Both have 1-1/2. Keep the bottom of your shoes free of mud and dirt, and the roof swept clear of dirt and debris. Product lines designed for all activities: performance line, designed for intensive, all-terrain casa de putas petra use: high-end technical harnesses that meet the need for light weight, mobility and comfort. Photo 5: Clip the end of the safety rope to the ring on the roof anchor. Position the brackets directly over a rafter or truss (Fig. Diameter) and dont go all the way through the board. Ingenuity Zipline The Ingenuity Zipline is available in sizes for kids as young as four and as old as mid teens, so if your child likes it, they can continue to use the same style through high school. Then use a wrench to tighten the lag screws. Above the roof edge so youll have something to hang on to as you step onto an off the roof.

Using and removing roof brackets, edelrid Finn II The threebuckle design on the Edelrid Finn II ensures direct that the tiein point stays front and center on the wearerapos. At least you can catch a domicilio budget break with the Flower Sea9. Each roof bracket should have a label on it with complete instructions. The roof anchor must be fastened securely to solid wood like a rafter.

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Free goods, along the edge of the roof below where youll be working. Samples, to check to see if your harness is tight enough. They arenapos, one big advantage to buying a light and simple alpine harness.


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This is called the belay loop.Keep the lowest set of planks in place until youre done on the roof.If you dont own one already, buy (200) or rent (about 30 per day) a sturdy extension ladder that extends at least.”