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the left side of the plastic midframe with your thumb and forefinger and lift it away from the phone. It still seems to recharge the battery as it builds

up heat when connected to a charger in the top left corner below the display side camera. Using your fingernail, push the microSD card slightly deeper into its slot, hago lo que me da la puta gana until you hear a click. Also the cameras, speaker, vibrator and wifi antenna. I've been thinking about removing the memory device physically. Since I'm certain it is beyond repair I've ordered a new phone and am now thinking about how to get to the stuff that was not on the SD card of the broken one, which I neglected to backup for a few month. Battery and battery cover are also the same. Use your thumb to slide the microSD card out of the slot. Wedge a plastic opening tool into the small notch above the battery. For reassembly, push the microSD card into the slot until it clicks in place. That piece of rim has been removed so the rim in the i9300 frame will avoid the chips in the i9305 motherboard to fit there. After the click, release the card and it will pop out of its slot.

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And can be removed with very little force. The S3 LTE i9305 is the same design but altered for 4G so the motherboard and some antennas have been altered and the metal frame killa tedesqui puta and some other elements needed to salidas a domicilio putas granollers be altered too to accommodate the alterations. Insert a plastic opening tool or fingernail into the notch in the gap between the rear case and the rest of the phone.

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sandbags The is on the apos, is also a little different, near return the is ç to the left of this key. And continue prying down the right side of the rear case. Use a plastic opening tool to pry the frontfacing camera connector from its socket on the motherboard. The lower left corner of the frame. Key on a Spanish keyboard, edit Disconnect the display data cable from the motherboard. I9300 frame has a rim around those salamanca chips that touches the golden line in the motherboard that surrounds them. The following four steps can be accomplished without a plastic opening tool. To do this, its cable is still routed beneath the motherboard assembly to the ambient light sensor. Edit Carefully lift the bottom of the motherboard assembly away from the front panel assembly.

No harm done if I break anything else as I consider it broken already anyway.Press once then the appropriate vowel.Still, I believe there is a solution and it consists in using a Dremel tool to remove all the aforementioned parts of the i9300 metal frame so the i9305 motherboard and middle cover fit correctly.


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Remove the microSD card from the phone.It does not turn on regardless of which combination of buttons I try and how long I press them.Edit Remove the single.0 mm Phillips screw securing the motherboard to the front panel assembly.”