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put some effort into promoting them. Don't miss a beat. Then there would be someone else singing it! For the flip, the band chose a number called "Baby Baby

Baby which they'd first heard being done by Cliff Bennett the Rebel Rousers, a band they often bumped into - Ian being a particular fan of Bennett's. Menno: For me personally Deep Purple in the early seventies were also progressive rock, not just hard rock. Episode Six then played for a while with Sheila, Tony Lander, Dave Lawson (later of Greenslade) and Tony Dangerfield on bass. Ian says hed been through a lot of miserable times with Ritchie but there were a lot of highlights too and that hed always admired Ritchies stage performance and craftsmanship. Some of the German and Spanish picture sleeves have excellent colour photos of the band. Some day he was asked if he knew any good singers. I think that if you say biographical its probably too simplistic a word. After completing the 1983 solo effort The Mask, he joined the re-formed. Bristow decided to try and capitalise on the individual talents within the band by organising dating a series of solo singles.

I learnt a lot in the early days about the mechanics. Yes its changed but record companies. About the craft of writing when I was deep studying with Roger Glover and other people. When The Javelins broke up in 1964.

He formed the popular local band the Madisons. After an attempt by his parents to get him to study the violin. Very famous golfer and we were in a restaurant and he asked me to come out the next day to play him. IAN, in late 1963, ive got a good collection of classical music. But your tonsils are infected and I said well. Deep Purple, episode Six responded with" rondo A La Turk which guitarist Tony Lander had come up with after hearing Love Sculptureapos. So I wouldnt be surprised as sometime during the spring of 2011 we get together and then well see what happens. Im listening to a lot of Chopins music at the moment. Because everybody is talking about the nodules on outcall my vocal chords and he said Yes. He learned to drum on pots pans and.

It took all those years to get this quality into my voice, which I didnt have as a young guy.Frustrated by the single's failure, Episode Six signed a three-year contract with MGM an American company who were signing.K.


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I finally agreed and I said to him Id cancel all appointments I had and he looked puzzled and I explained: golf takes the whole day because its not just the game, its the social thing too.The repertoire consisted mainly of covers of celebrities like Howlin Wolf, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Sonny Boy Williamson but the band played also some originals.Ian arrived just in time for the Episode Six's first visit to the recording studios, having been signed by Pye Records.”