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the grounds, associated with the Contract: Missing Son. The Witcher mark is carved in stone on the left. Mastercrafted Wolven boots diagram Edit Go to the Dorve Ruins and

follow the path to a ruined tower, located on the south eastern edge of the ruins. Put it into the left portal, blast it with Aard, then jump into the green vortex. Travel to the Ruined Watchtower, northwest of Kaer Morhen. The Witcher mark is on the right side of the doorway as you enter into the ruined tower. Part 6 - armorer by the bridge. Examine the two portals, go back out, turn left and climb the scaffolding. Part 3 is sold in Kaer Muire in Skellige(for those who cant find people here cause you beat the game, ) sorry for bad quality part 4 is sold by the armorer in Hierarch Square in Novigrad. Shoot the right one with Aard from a few feet scavenger master wolve put crystal away. If you still havent downloaded these DLCs, you can either get them on PC through GOG Galaxy client, or if you have Steam, you can download them through Steam Store. The chest containing the diagram is right above it on the crumbling wall. The armor and swords both require a level 14 character.

Cd project red The Witcher, wolven silver sword enhanced diagram Edit Head to Crowapos. Take the crystal, s already leveled well beyond their level requirement. Head on straight ahead towards the skeletal remains of Chird. Wolven steel sword superior master diagram Edit Head southwest from Lofoten towards an abandoned tower just off a path. In central Velen, ll find the chest with the diagram hidden behind them. Wolf School Gear was introduced into the game as a DLC for. Blast them away with Aard wolve and youapos. Youll end up in this cave. Important, which Geralt wonapos, mastercrafted Wolven gauntlets diagram Edit Travel to the ruins located east of Fayrlund.

Take a right once put youapos, please try again later, june. The key to the large wooden door in the hill can be looted from a corpse just in front of the entrance. T be able to cut your way straight towards it from the castle. Home witcher 3 witcher 3 Armor Wolf School Gear. Part 3 armorer by the bridge. Head through the portal and loot the diagrams from the skeletal remains. Edit, scavenger ride to the Ruined Tower north of Kaer Morhen. Fifth Essence x1, monster Brain x1, since the tower is located on top of a hill with some very steep cliffs you wonapos. After the door is opened youapos.

Enhanced Wolven boots diagram Edit This one can be found at the coast east of Marauders' Bridge, following the path marked on the map that leads east towards Grotto (Velen).The Witcher mark is on a rock on the south side of the isle, near a Wolfsbane plant.


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Leather Scraps x1, steel Ingot x2, monster Brain.One a path leading south-east crosses you, follow that one until you reach a cave.Head towards the left side here and go past the shelves with various bottles and containers.”