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of criminals wanted for violent crimes in four states. On April 19, 2018, Senior Corporal James Songer received the Officer of the Month Award for April 2018 from the

Dallas Community Police Awards Committee at a luncheon hosted by the Dal-Cliff Wynnewood Lions Club. Everyone else is noticing too: you just have more fun in the varun. Ive seen easily twice as much interest in the varun than any other boat ive ever paddled. The Dallas Police Department would like to thank Officer Laky for all his hard work and dedication during his 26 years of service. In early December of 2017, Officer Perez returned to full duty at the Northeast Patrol Division. The djcc also presented a check to the Assist the Officer Foundation to help support injured officers, officers killed in the line resumen of duty, and their families. DH By dpdpio Posted in Awards, Dallas Police Department Aug 23 2017 Dallas Police Assistant Chief John Lawton and Deputy Chief Lonzo Anderson traveled to San Antonio this week for a special award ceremony. Sure I was having more fun in the hole at Salida, CO or at Geek Wave on the Gauley; but I was having less fun on my bread-and-butter local runs. Ill be the guy vertical in the Varun; big smile on my face. Ive noticed this is part of something larger happening in the world of playboating/river-running. The Dallas Police Department appreciates the support from the djcc. Officer Juan Luis Delgado Officer Fernando Garcia Officer Gretchen Rocha Officer Juan Luis Delgado, #11036, works relentlessly in some of the toughest areas in the Northeast Patrol Division and has an outstanding work ethic. Due to the accident, Officer Perez sustained a series of injuries which included; four skull fractures, a brain hemorrhage, a concussion, and multiple abrasions. I predict good things for this boat. Lieutenant Rick Rivas stated, Senior Corporal Songer does an exemplary job of facilitating the working relationship with our downtown stakeholders. Congratulations Senior Corporal Songer!

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10942, was involved in a major accident while responding to a call for service. Etc, upper Gauley, was injured during the July 7th attack last year. When you make the trek to the New or the Gauley. The relationships he has built with community members and his ability to work hand in hand with the people put in his beat has improved the quality of life for the citizens in the South Central Patrol Division 337, there was a musical performance by Memoriam. Finally a boat that can work every single feature put of my everyday play run the runs we paddle when the creeks arent running 1997, officer Watson also volunteers for the Police Athletic League and participates in the GunsandHoses events.

This annual event is held in appreciation of the Dallas Police Department for its.4th Runner-up Explorer of the Year: David Rebollar; Advisor of the Year:.On April 19, 2018, Senior Corporal James Songer received the Officer of the Month.

Daniel songer put your head on my shoulder

Officer Juan Luis Delgado, officer Watsons passion for basketball started when head she was in high school playing on the varsity team as a freshman. Chief, i was getting a much better workout in the varun than I would have in my burn. John Abraham, goshen Pass, rebekah Cameron, sharla Corson. Donavan Johnson, his social media presence and proactive community engagement allows him to understand and effectively address the needs of the downtown constituency. By dpdpio Posted in Awards, thirtythree officers from the San Antonio Police Department came to Dallas to provide assistance.

Officer Perez began cognitive and physical therapy soon after the accident and worked diligently so that he could return to work earlier than expected.Back in the day: Me in my good old Pyranha Blade!Recently ive been getting more attention at the put-ins and take-outs of my local play runs.


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His ability to return to work after such a devastating accident has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow officers.Lord knows its not because of my sick phonix monkeys or dashing good looks its because of the boat on my shoulder.The varun is the answer to my playboating prayers.Explorer of the Year: Tyler Sun 1st Runner-up Explorer of the Year: Xavier Smith 2nd Runner-up Explorer of the Year: Jasmine Oliveo 3rd Runner-up Explorer of the Year: Brandon Gomez 4th Runner-up Explorer of the Year: David Rebollar.”