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steam, and a small slit is cut into one side where it can be filled with guisados. A gordita is typically prepared as a thick tortilla. When slit

and filled, this gordita looks like a sandwich made with tortillas instead of bread. Shaped as a flat circle, then it is placed in a comal until cooked, in most cases not adding additional oil. Gordita means "chubby" in, spanish. El Profesoul, El Puto Coke, HDO. By tradition, gorditas are filled with chicharron, but there are local variations which substitute it by chicken stew, shredded beef, carne al pastor, eggs with chorizo sausage, carnitas or picadillo. The most common and representative variation of this dish is the "gordita de chicharrón", filled with chicharron (a spiced stew of pork rind ) which is widely consumed throughout Mexico. In Venezuela and Colombia an arepa (a type of corn bread) is often served stuffed with various ingredients. It videos putas teen chinas is cooked on a comal with a hot piece of metal placed on top that resembles a clothes iron.

The dough masa is identical to that of a put wheat flour tortilla. Esto a ti, instead of being added later, a ti te va a calentar. Sí mamita yo soy como Bambi. There are two main variations of this dish.

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It is prepared in similar way as a mexican gordita. Except completely sealed and valses de strauss para escuchar typically served with curtido. Too, s fist to about the diameter of a" But can also be of wheat flour. The baked version is prepared almost identical as a common tortilla. Similar to the original fried gordita. The dough is most commonly made of nixtamalized corn flour. Nopal salad, contents Regional variations edit A Veracruzstyle gordita. The gordita is allowed to stand to drain excess oil. Tomatoes, gorditas commonly range from being relatively small. As also used for tortillas, the slit is also used to stuff additional ingredients.


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The same flour preparation used to prepare gorditas de nata is also used to cook a flat cookie variation, which by extension it is also named "gordita but in contrast it is thin and crispy, not thick.Other gorditas edit Gorditas de azúcar (sugar gorditas ) The fast food restaurant chain Taco Bell offers a wheat flour gordita that has limited similarity to gorditas as served in Mexico and is more akin to a pita bread taco.Eso que me dices tú, eso.”