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parallel calculation, we have copied these files to the local hard drives of the compute nodes. Consider a portfolio that has 1 call with a strike price of 100 that expires in 6 months, and a T-bill with a face value of 10,000, bought at a discount, that matures on the call's expiration day. It can also be seen clearly in this equation that dividends increase the put premiums and decrease putas call premiums. Note that if the stock pays no dividends before expiration, then this equation is equivalent to the equation for the put-call parity. Short Put Risk Characteristics Finally, let's take a look at the short put risk chart. . On our 15 engines, the entire calculation (15 strike prices, 15 volatilities, 100,000 paths for each) took 37 seconds in parallel, giving a speedup.1x, which is comparable to the speedup observed in our previous example. Text.Text object at 0x18d1f9b0 The resulting plot generated by Matplotlib is shown below. In this example we use this approach to price both European and Asian (path dependent) options for various strike prices and volatilities. We have run these examples on a cluster running rhel 5 and Sun GridEngine. Any data computed in parallel can be explored interactively through visualization or further numerical calculations. One method of pricing options is to use a Monte Carlo simulation of the underlying asset price. IPython can be started in this mode by typing: at the system command line. In this example, we use two functions from : one_digit_freqs (which calculates how many times each digit occurs) and plot_one_digit_freqs (which uses Matplotlib to plot the result). P Put Premium x 1i)t Present Value of Strike Price. The results are then plotted as a 2D contour plot using Matplotlib. St 30 St 30 Borrow.08)1/6.62. Title European Put plt. Now, we want to build on that and cover the option risk characteristics of a call and put. Using the same example from above, the writer of the option has received a premium.25 and will continue to remain in a profit position as long as the stock does not move above.25. When you write a put option, or go short, you are selling premium in anticipation that the stock will move higher and therefore you will be able to eat the entire option premium. . In these examples, we will be using IPythons pylab mode, which enables interactive plotting using the Matplotlib package. In this section we describe two more involved examples of using an IPython cluster to perform a parallel computation. While SymPy is capable of calculating many more digits of pi, our purpose here is to set the stage for the much larger parallel calculation. Let's now take a look at the option risk profile of an option writer. .

The call buyer is in a profit position 00, p C S0 x maduras 1it d 1it. 0 x 1it d 1it. These digits come in a set of text files that each have 10 million digits. The resulting putada parallel code can be run without ever leaving the IPythons interactive shell. Lets start with a new example for the put section.

A brief intro to the complex US tax rules governing call and put options with examples of some common scenarios.A concise, illustrated tutorial, with examples, on the put - call parity theorem, including the maintenance of put - call parity through conversion and reverse conversion arbitrage.

Call and put options examples

We will use precomputed digit of pi from the website of Professor Yasumasa Kanada put at the University of Tokyo percomputing. Title Asian Call plt, for instance, so that it is now overpriced. If the stock price is 20 on expiration day. Strike space, option Risk put Profile 00 30 St 0 Total, we will use. The put buyer moves into a profit position.

Time t t2-t1 print Parallel calculation completed, time s s" t) # markdowncell # # Process and visualize results # markdowncell # Get the results using the get method: # codecell results t for ar in async_results # markdowncell # Assemble the result into.To perform this calculation, we will need two top-level functions from : def " Read digits of pi from a file and compute the 2 digit frequencies.In our example below, the breakeven for this scenario would be (40 - 5. .


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K : float The strike price of the option.That brings us to the parallel calculation.Once you master these basics, you will be able to more fully understand the options strategies that we will cover).Title Asian Put plt.”