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can help! Bushel of Ancient Elon Grapes Domain of Vabbi Gather 10x Bunch of Rare Grapes from Desert Vegetable nodes in Vabbi. Initially there is an event. This will

turn into a Superior Buried Treasure and it will grant you the item required for the collection. High Judge Kulul Spawns outside Court of the Dead Elisa Elise changes her location every week to a different map. Tale of Plenty, protect Amnoon Water Authority and those who maintain it when they are under attack. You need to help the Order of Shadow Agents to destroy the realm portals at each of the three lanes to spawn the Legendary Forged Demolisher (dont need to kill the Realm Keeper that spawns after the portals destruction). Lair of Zommoros funeral Make sure you have 5 Amalgamated Gemstones in your inventory and go to the Domain of Vabbi to do the event to open up the Lair of Zommoros. Once Ysshi Hessani get low he will periodically go immune and you have to defeat the sparks before they reach him or they will amplify his damage.

S enemies approach, buried chests you find in the area will become Superior Buried Chests. The event will trigger at random spawn points. Mourner 3 Long may he reign. Walkthrough edit, you will need a minimum of 3 players for this event or it wont even start. It is important that you do not tumblr do the event to collect unidentified djinn artfiacts as doing soon can kick you out of the lair quickly.

Safely the procession to the Necropolis is a level 80 dynamic event that occurs in the Domain of Vabbi.Recipe: Superior Rune of the Scourge.

Tale of Courage, luckily you only need one person in your squad with this and the event will begin. Guardian Sunspear Statue Domain of Vabbi For this item you will need to complete the Serpents Ire meta which is quite difficult. The que putada pobrecillos Ruptured Heart area of The Desolation will be three lanes. Each about 10 minutes apart after the previous one finishes. Once the meta starts, reason, spawns in the crypt just one level below Court of the Dead.


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Defeat the Doppelganger for the final step of the meta for the item.Complete the heart north of Arid Gladefields and purchase the Bolt of Homespun Brocade.Guardian Sand Lion Statue Crystal Oasis For this you just need to participate in the Casino Blitz event that occurs around Amnoon city.”