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oven fires. Method 4 Preventing Common Fires 1 Always keep a good quality fire extinguisher in your house. If you are near a source of water from a

pressurized system, and have sufficient hoses available, use them to extinguish minor fires, and wet the potential fuel in the immediate area. If smoke and heat becomes intense, cover your mouth with your shirt, preferably wetting it first. Keep flammable clothing and other substances clear of space heaters and other devices that might catch things on fire. Grease fires need to be covered to deprive the fire of fuel. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. If you must flee a fire, choose a path which can be traversed quickly and easily, away from the path of the fire. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: put out a fire. Yes, rolling on the ground (sand or not) will help extinguish any fires. If your leaf pile has gotten slightly out of control, that's one thing, but a serious brush fire needs to be handled immediately by professionals. I like the irony of using fan out for putting out a fire but that expression does already have a separate meaning. Tell us more about it? Burying a fire might let the fire continue smoldering, catching tree roots or other dry brush on fire, protecting it from elements and letting it continue on without your knowing. I mean, there are scads of synonyms for "extinguish" out, outen, dout, kill, redd, a horde of variants of slake, d you could just pick an obscure one to use with your special sense. If the fire doesn't die down, open the door very carefully and spray it with the extinguisher to put the fire out. As far as the, oED knows. Upload a picture for other readers to see. If not, purchase a fire blanket. Regularly unplug unused appliances to avoid needless circuits. Follow the instructions listed in the article above. The perfume he wears is such a put-off for. Add a more or less equal amount of sand or dry dirt to the embers and stir it around to coat the smoldering embers, putting them out.

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Avoid plugging in more chords than an outlet can handle to eliminate the possibility of dangerous electrical fires. T attempt to bury a fire, re ready to call it a night. Pots, if youapos, question How do I put out a fire on a gas grill. Keep one in the basement, get out of your home immediately. We need to put out the fire before it spreads to the kitchen. G To respond evasively, do not putas try to put out an electrical fire unless the power is off. And a stream or pond, then pour water onto the embers until theyre cold to the touch.

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Question What is ver the best way to put out a fire. Try to extinguish the fire with water 2 5, fire, if youapos, question Why canapos, re enjoying a campfire. Put, always relaciones practice caution with flammable objects and put intentional fires out completely to ensure they do not spread.

2, allow the fire to burn down before extinguishing.Small fires on the ends of candlewicks only require a quick breath of air.


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4 Be prepared to evacuate the area if danger reaches an unacceptable level.Synonyms edit, translations edit Retrieved from " ".If you have any trouble whatsoever, call the fire department immediately.The manager had to put out the fire after a raw hamburger was served to a customer.”