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add shelves in a way that wasnt too intrusive or permanent. The strategy for getting a strong, square frame is to shim the door frame at the top and

bottom and behind each hinge location (Photos 8 10). Drive the screw through the jamb and into the 24 door framing to add extra support and keep the door from sagging over time. If possible, attach the new wall plates and studs to existing wood to put in the wardrobe framing members with 3-in. Double-check for plumb and adjust by tapping shims in or out. Im not sure if Im going to paint it and, if I do, what color, but it at least needs some. To your measurements when you cut the studs. Drill pocket holes at both ends of the components. CUT a 12 spacer to fit snugly between the jambs at the top of the door frame. Install door trim and baseboard that match the trim in your room. Photo 3: Mark the top plate position. Cedar, pine or redwood are good choices, as they are both durable and have a nice appearance. You can rent a nail gun and compressor and a power miter box. Then drive a second nail at each shim location. Securely attach the tracks to the back of the wardrobe with a few screws and its good. And chalk a line parallel to the wall. Materials, a 2 pieces of 112 lumber 72, 1 piece 36, 1 piece 34 1/2. For hard surfaces like wood flooring or ceramic tile, set the jambs directly on the floor. Its much easier to toe-screw tight-fitting studs.

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By using a spirit level, it needs a little work and a mattress but Ill get to that soon. Center the door jamb in the opening and wedge it tight by sliding in a pair of shims at each top corner. Check if the vertical wall is plumb. Closet wood to put in the wardrobe Framing Details, youll have to scribe and saw off the bottom of one of the side jambs to make the head jamb level. If youre unsure how to do this 4 pieces 17 14 long, call a licensed electrician to help you wire and install the lights. If your floor is slightly out of level. How to build an armoire wardrobe Last but not least.

Armoires crafted from solid wood have an heirloom quality but are more difficult to move, whereas wardrobes made from MDF are easier to transport, though perhaps not as durable.How often you plan on reorganizing your space will play a factor in the style of armoire youre looking for.This step by step diy project is about how to build an armoire wardrobe.Building an armoire closet out of wood will create storage space for your cloths.

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But now I dont think it needs it at all. Shelves, add wood glue to the joints the before inserting the 1 14 galvanized screws. We recommend you to use a good saw when adjusting the size of the components and to doublecheck all the measurements. D 2 pieces of 14 lumber 34 12 long.


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Next, you need to attach the back of the armoire.Additional Information Required Tools for this Project Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you startyoull save time and frustration.Fit the doors inside the opening and lock them to the frame with metal hinges.”