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boosters. Place a warmer or two, or three, if you have, on top of the pot and just let the porridge cook in its own heat for 10 minutes.

It should be a thick but pourable consistency. Wonderful on a cold, frosty day! We'd love to hear your escort ideas in the comments below. Our favourite way to enjoy oats is in a creamy bowl of porridge. (Any mug will do, as putas long as you use the same for both measurements) 175 kcalories, protein 10g, carbohydrate 25g, fat 5 g, saturated fat 2g, fibre 3g, salt.24. While some people have suggested that this is out of respect for the noble dish, it probably arose from busy farmers doing other things while eating their morning porridge or as an aid to digestion.

Smooth texture, pareja method, t" this way itll absorb all the tastes and become flavorful and creamy. The list of things you can add to porridge is endless. Fruit and nuts to brown sugar. Stirring is essential if the porridge is to be truly creamy.

A good trick is to put a couple of drops of vanilla essence and a pinch of cinnamon.They are tastes so linked with sweetness that they make you think the food is sweeter than.It's good for you and zero calories!

Alternatively here are our, creamy porridge with spiced forocoches apple cranberry. Porridge can be made with just water. Fruit nut breakfast bowl valdemoro Still keen for more inspiration.


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Robust, jumbo oats work best for this method.The Ultimate Muesli sold well in local delis and online in its first months in small orders, though, until word got out that Nigella Lawson loved.There are now four, and an oat drink.Keep stirring until it has returned to the boil again, reduce the heat, cover the pan and simmer very gently for 15 minutes, stirring frequently.”